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Yuken A90-FR01BS-60 Hydraulic Piston Pump

Yuken A90-FR01BS-60 Hydraulic Piston Pump

SKU: A90-FR01BS-60

Wholesale Yuken A90-FR01BS-60 Hydraulic Piston Pump Features:


1. High efficiency and low noise level

2. Low heat generation and accomplishment of energy-saving

3. Inclined plate design, high volume efficiency, good closure characteristics  

4. Small power loss, reduced oil temperature rise, optional small tank  

5. A variety of control types, such as pressure compensator type, solenoid-two pressure control type, proportional electro-hydraulic load sensing type, etc.  

6. The displacement is various, from 10cm3/rev to 219cm3/rev, which can be used for each large and small hydraulic oil station.


  • Yuken A90-FR01BS-60 PDF

  • Specification

    Model Flow cm3/rev Minimum adjustment flow cm3/rev Rated Operating Pressure MPa Max Shaft Speed r/min Min Shaft Speed r/min Mass (Kg)
    A90 91.0 56 25 1800 600 73


  • Package

    Wooden case

  • Lead Time

    1. 1~5 pieces, in stock

    2. 5~20 pieces, est. time 7 days 

    3. More than 20 pieces to be negotiated

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