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DAIKIN V50A3RX-20 Hydraulic Pump

DAIKIN V50A3RX-20 Hydraulic Pump

SKU: V50A3RX-20

Wholesale DAIKIN V50A3RX-20 Hydraulic Piston Pump Features:


1. Low noise operation over the entire pressure range

2. Small power loss, reduced oil temperature rise, optional small tank

3. High responsivity, high stability, increased the reliability of the machines

4. Excellent suction performance and long service life

5. Unique inclined plate Angle design, applies in many environments

6. Widely used in machine tools, forging presses, and plastic forming machines.


  • Specification


    Theoretical discharge rate 


    Maximum operating pressure MPa {kgf/cm} Max. rotational speed Min. rotational speed Mass (kg)
    V50A3RX-20 51.6 21 {210} 1800 500 51




  • Package

    Packing in cartons or wooden cases

  • Lead Time

    1. 1 ~10 pieces, in stock

    2. 10~ 20 pieces, est. time 5 days 

    3. More than 20 pieces to be negotiated


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